This is the first time I’ve drawn half of these guys. This has been fun.

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And here you have Punkstuck. If any of the designs are used just send me a message and I will tell you the details because certain details were so tiny you cant even see them on the sprites.

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This is all over Tumblr by now, but I’m the artist. So I’m posting it again.. lol

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Give a coin a whirl. Give into the law. Confess, you silly girl.

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Vriska x Terezi

Requested by: Anonymous

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What if the trolls went to human high school but like everyone knew what trolls were so it wasn’t as weird but still like what if


Ok not touching it anymore.

Aradia - Ghost knifefish
Tavros - Flying fish
Sollux -  Electric eel
Karkat - Puffer fish
Nepeta - Catfish
Kanaya - Manta ray
Terezi - Barracuda
Vriska - Octopus
Equius - Whale shark
Gamzee - Viperfish
Eridan - Hipster Pyjama shark
Feferi - Squid 


Apparently it’s okay to post Round 1 entries now, so! Here’s my portion of Team Terezi<3Vriska’s entry. 

Here’s the card descriptions these were based off of:

also here let me just love this forever

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Troll Army.

Terezi Pixel Sprite by *ZutaraKnight244



Finished Troll sprites





Finally finished these sprites over a month after making the first half, first lot also displayed here. The difference in quality is also noticeable which is nice.

Also, my question box is now open for requests and any questions you possibly want to ask me.



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Wiggler Head Canons :0


Welp. Wiggler Head Canons! I will be shooting opinions at you with the help of Erigrub.

The front feet are always sharp and pokey. The back two feet are a little rubbery and good for gripping. This is so they can fight off other wigglers but still be able to climb on smooth objects or hold onto things. Sea-Dwellers have flatter, longer legs usually, or else paddle shaped ones.

Grubs can’t talk as wigglers. They can growl, roar, squeak, hiss, gurgle, peep, glub or chirp, but they don’t have well formed vocal cords and they aren’t smart enough to learn anyway. Sea dwellers aren’t able to make very loud sounds, mostly, because of their gills, which kind of mutes whatever sound they’re making and turns it into a glub or a gurgle. Grubs are also extremely flexible, and can bend almost in half without hurting themselves. The only well formed bone in them would be the jaw bone, and even their skulls are softer. Their faces can pretty much stretch as much as they care to stretch them.

If the 12 trolls were born regularly they would have popped out of eggs. When they’re first hatched, trolls only have a tuft of hair the color of their blood and tiny orange nubs where their horns will start growing. Sometimes, like in Eridan’s case, the tuft doesn’t fade to black completely. They grow a ton in the first week. 

After finishing the trials, which is mainly not getting eaten and moving to the entrances of the caves, they find a stalagmite or stalactite to make their cocoon on. Highbloods usually choose stalactites.

This is because the faster, stronger highblood lusii will usually go out of their way to catch them.

The shape of the cocoon depends on how much the troll was moving while it was forming. Sometimes a troll can’t get out of their cocoon immediately, so they poke holes in the weak spots until they can find a weak enough area to break through. After the troll leaves the cocoon it falls off of the stalactite or stalagmite it was hanging on. After that the troll leaves and carpenter drones follow. The amount of drones depends on the color of the blood your luses has.

After the hive is built, the cocoon starts to swell up steadily, sometimes changing color. It oozes sopor slime, then, and get’s really heavy so where ever they set it initially usually ends up being it’s permanent spot.