booksandweapons's OC, Bates!

she was a lot of fun to draw :3

Anonymous sent: Steven Universe?

i’ve never even watched steven universe but idk

here u go

Anonymous sent: Adventure Time?

Anonymous sent: Borderlands!

lol I have no idea how to draw borderlands style so I kind of just took the idea and added a helmet. creys. I tried.



but why make the sushi when you can BE the sushi.

[it’s transparent. :D]

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because of this.

*evil laughter*

bigger version found here

because of dogtit's blog theme right now.

im sorry

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I was trying out mangastudio and blah.

this is from the middle of the story in my vagabond comic

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mikey used his legs to fight and ray used his fro.

it didn’t end well.

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so everyone is freaking out about Weiss’s collarbone right now 

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I’m out of inspiration

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I’m finding all these things I drew at 4 am??

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I don’t even remember drawing this

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the-goat-lord’s fursona.

pretty cool design, eh?